House of Wolves Destiny Leak

House_of_Wolves_DLC Just last night I was wondering about the next DLC for Destiny. Don’t mind all the negative comments about the game. There are people still playing it. Yes I am a Destiny junky. I just can’t stop playing the blasted game…

Since Destiny decided to fix the glitches with the Crota Raid I may be stuck at lvl 31 for a hot minute. Which got me thinking. When is the next DLC coming. Cause we all know most likely things will be reseting once again for weapons and new lvl 32 gear being sold. Then like christmas a leak was posted on the good ole internet.


As you can see the exotic guns so far is crap. Just like some of those exotics from the Crota expansion. Yes No Land Beyond I am talking about you.

The most dumbest Exotic Sniper Rifle. Hands down this gun is a waste of pixels.


What really peaked my interest is the Raid. This time around I pray to all God that there won’t be no stupid puzzles. Stand here, Jump here, Poop here… I just want to kill stuff. Already reached a point of fustration with the random drops. Many times I need gear and all I get is Shards and Energy. Seriously I need the gear first then upgrade material Bungie…. Either way looking at this little leak got me preparing for the next DLC. I wonder what will be after that. Will there be another game? Will there be a Destiny 2? Will they release another set of exapnsions and make us pay more for those? Will they expand on the all ready stupid story that we all hate? I mean no one really reads those Gilmore cards.

I know I may sound like I hate the game but I really do enjoy the game. I love the atmosphere of the game and the excitment every time tuesday and friday comes around. I was hoping to see a third sub class added. Maybe even a trading patch. Shoot even if they can add a Raid Match making that would be just wonderful. So Check out the pic and see what you may hopefully get from Xur or a random drop!


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