This weeks Nightfall is Valus Ta’aurc and the modifiers are:

Nightfall – If all players die, you will be returned to orbit.
Epic – Heavily shielded and highly aggressive enemies appear in great numbers.
LightSwitch – Minions of the Darkness deal much more melee damage.
Angry – Minions of the Darkness won’t flinch, even after massive damage
Juggler – No ammo drop for your equipped weapon

That is right fellow Destiny addicts. We all know what to do. Time to hit up the Raid. Get those Radiant shards and energies. Here is a tip for the Night Fall for Valus Ta’aurc. At the begining of the match there is a nice spot behind the two blocks can serve as protection. Also way up in the rafters to the left in the “air condition vent” one player can stay up there and land some good hits without being killed. Don’t forget to hit up Eris for that Nightfall bounty!