Naruto Look Crap Shippuuden 402 Review

This had to be the most nasiest fluff episode I have ever seen. Not sure why I am still watching these episodes but I guess I am bored out of my mind or something.

Just continuing the Chunin Exams these man fighting for scrolls. This time is Team 8 in the spot light. It was interesting to see them fight. What really had me thinking was this fat dude.

Dude used his fat as a shield. He also shot out blades like sweat from his body. Then to escalate the nastiness he start spinning the fat. Don’t be eating nothing while watching this episode.

To be honest team 8 man less. They couldn’t take down these scrubs. Hinata couldn’t take down dude with a pole. Mehson you is Naruto woman and you moving like Sakura.

Another dumb episode. I will fight through the dull fluff episodes. Personally I don’t mind watching these episodes but sometimes they can be over bearing. Almost like they doing their best to drag this on.


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