Naruto Rock Lee VS Shira Shippuuden 401 Review

Hey fellow Naruto Fans. The fluff still going buddy. It rough over here. So this time around we having an epic fight between two taijutsu users. I won’t lie it was pretty interesting.

Come to realize it Rock Lee is an idiot. Real talk. I thought he was a smart fighter but in reality this man does just go in head first. Shira is a very good fighter. He was able to disable Rock Lee using pressure points. He analyzed his strengths and made sure he wasn’t able to execute the inner gates.

Bad man fight this episode was all about. I think Shira is the better fighter. Hands Down. He had pitty on Rock Lee and allowed him to use his full strength. Not to mention he was injured from before. So in reality Rock Lee lost the fight.

Another Fluff. Another day. May God have mercy on my soul with all these fluff episodes buddy.

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