That is right. Carib Gamer getting a taste of fast broadband speeds. Right now they have been upgrading certain areas to the new speeds. Now as gamers we embrace faster speeds. Lag is the devil and we don’t want to go back in sin. So Lime have been rolling out this new service to it’s customers and as you can see this been a long time coming. I was really impressed with the service given to us to get this done at our homes. Most times you would have some IT person who isn’t concerned with his job but only concerned for getting a paycheck. Yet they went out of their way to get us up and running. Nuff respect for that.

Now as you must be wondering “when will I get these speeds?” Well I think it is based on location right now and I think most are enjoying this new found speed as a great benefit for streaming and gaming. Here is the info from their site


Welcome to Superfast Broadband

As part of our ongoing Upgrade across the region LIME is offering all its current broadband customers a FREE UPGRADE to its new Superfast Broadband speeds for three (3) months.

All customers who are in areas where Superfast Broadband is available will be automatically upgraded to one of our new package offerings. There’s nothing you have to do but enjoy our new lightning fast speeds as your surf, stream, game and download.

At the end of the trial period, your new package will automatically go into effect. Or you can simply request to return to your original plan with no additional fees.

Click here to see if Superfast Broadband is available in your neighbourhood.


Superfast Data Packages

Surf, Stream, Download and Game faster than ever before.

Using state of the art VDSL technology LIME now offers speeds of up to 6 times faster than ever before. With new, affordable data plans that give everyone access to the Superfast data life.

Rate Table

Plan Price
Superfast 60 $64.99
Superfast 120 $99.00
Superfast 240 $144.99
Superfast 480 $199.00

FREE Superfast Trial

FREE UPGRADE to new Superfast Broadband speeds for 3 months

Our LIME customers are currently experiencing a massive upgrade to their broadband speeds absolutely FREE for three (3) months. The below table shows your new, upgraded plans:

Old to new Table

Old Plan New Plan
Mega Superfast 60
Mega Plus Superfast 120
Mega Max Superfast 240**
Mega Extreme Superfast 480**

Upgrade Trial details

** Superfast 240 and 480 plans require customers to replace the modem. See more details here.

What do you have to do to get this Upgrade Trial?

Absolutely nothing; LIME will automatically upgrade your plan to the speed shown above once the new service is available in your area. Use the handy Line-Checker below to see if Superfast broadband is available in your area.  After three months you have the option to keep the new plan and you will receive a bill with your new plan and rate. Or you can simply Opt Out.

Opting Out

While we are certain that you will love the superfast experience, if at any time during your three (3) month FREE trial you wish to return to your original plan and price you can simply Opt Out.

We will run this ting red. One thing I know is that once a certain amount of people get on the switch things start to slow down. To be honest getting what you pay for is a good thing. So Gamers if on Lime go and check to see if you are on the upgrade and enjoy the new speeds. I know I will.