Naruto Persistant Shippuuden 403 Review

It look like this will be the month of fluff. So picking up where we left off we have Team 8 getting their butt handed to them. This fat dude is disgusting. Seriously nasty.

So right now the word for this episode is persistance. Remember that. Cause the episode basically is telling me if first you don’t succeed. Try try try again. They lost their scrolls and desperatly wanted it back.

So the game of cat and mouse began. We first saw Team 8 defeated miserably. Then lost the scent. To be honest that was a nasty process to see. Then once again lost the scent again. At that moment I was getting real tired watching this episode.

Then coming to the end of the episode we have a burst of redemption. Team 8 Finally got their scrolls. I didn’t like this episode to much. To be honest I almost didn’t watch it. i don’t understand why they choose to make us wait so long. Either way nothing much to see here. Keep it moving buddy…. Naruto why has thou forsaken me!!

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