Lime Launched Super Fast Broadband

Carib Gamer was honored to get a chance to test out this new speeds that Lime will be delivering to homes very soon. I know most gamers want that speed in their homes as soon as possible. Although I may not know the in’s and out’s I do know the process starts by going in and getting your modem changed. I am not saying Lime is the most awesome internet provider for the BVI. ( Technically they are the largest one providing for most homes in the BVI. )  What I am saying is Lime stepped up their game. I know CCT have LTE and going through the motions with the TRC. Not to sure what Digicel have up their sleeves but I know they will be doing something soon. Carib Gamer also tested CCT 4G LTE a while back and we were also impressed with their speeds. Although it was short lived they can provide the same speeds. As of writing this my speeds are a consistant 15mbs down and 3mbs up.

So do yourself a favor and head down to the main office and see if Lime can help you get on this sweet new speeds!

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