Naruto Ting with Tenten Shippuuden 404 Review

Hey my fellow die hard Naruto fans. We are back for this month of fluff. This time around it is Tenten getting in the spotlight. Yes I said it right. I didn’t stutter. Tenten. The girl in Team Taijutsu users.

Being the most useful member of the team she yearns to be more than just convienent. She wants to be powerful like her other team mates. Neji and Rock Lee got new skills while Tenten is just convenient.

Hey….Fancy meeting you guys here…


Don’t mind me. Just climbing this mountain with one hand.


As you can tell Tenten don’t want to be just a tool. She wants to be flashy and epic. Yeah my girl start think back on training and the most comedic ting happen with Guy and Kakashi. Man climbing the cliff with one hand and Guy done forget about Tenten and he bust off behind him buh a race.

What I gather from this episode is that sometimes when surrounded by talent you never realize your own strengths once stacked up against others. Sometimes it is good to be reminded of how unique you are in every situation. Snuggle up folks we in this for the long haul. Next episode is another fluff.

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