Buckle up Naruto Fans. This episode need some Baygon Bug Spray. Real talk. I mean what else would be at the desert. Humungous ants. I mean it makes sense. Sun outside hot and the best place to chill is underground.


So picking up where we left off Tenten and cult girl trying to find their way out. So both teams formed a truce until they can find their friends. Which is cool because usually someone would break the truce and do something stupid. Well not this time. Everyone was cool like a cucumber. Just chatting it up like buddies.

She done gone through....
She done gone through….
She is god to them lol


Cult girl wanted to catch one of these ants. I can done tell this chick been playing pokemon. Seriously her first thought was to capture one of those huge ants. She need to quit being a ninja and start catching dem all.

Tenten  just lvl'ed up
Tenten just lvl’ed up

This episode didn’t have any impact on me. I know many Naruto fans have moved on to other anime already. All these fluff episodes could drive a man insane. I don’t know what is worse. Knowing the Manga is over or enduring the fluff episodes until I decide to read the manga. But I won’t submit to my flesh. Will wait patiently. Good things come to those who wait. So check out this episode at your own risk. Stay Frosty!