Naruto Make it Stop Shippuuden 406 Review

Finally an episode that actually made sense. Well not the actual episode but the intro and outro have changed. Basically showed me exactly what I wanted to see.

This part of the intro you can clearly see the two sons for the sage of six paths then Madara and Hashirama. Then the infamous duo Naruto and Sasuke. It seem that things are going to start soon. New intro only mean new arc. The story is unfolding and new characters are joining the battlefield. It seem we will finally get a back story to the brothers who started this war.

We also see the original bad man Guy going toe to toe with Madara. Oh right Sage Mode Madara. Then it look like we will be getting a back story of Guy and his father.

Guy’s Father?!?!
Sigh… Sasuke is not gay…he can’t be gay…

Awesome stuff. Oh yeah totally forgot about this episode. To be honest it didn’t really have anything there to talk about. We have Sakura, Ino and Chori heading back with their scrolls. Then all of a sudden a giant scorpion popped up from no where attacking them. Now we see Sakura just standing there like she is frozen from fear but not sure if it was just her thinking about Sasuke.

Either way there was a flashback of Ino getting stronger trying to gain the affection of Sasuke….as usual. Dem girl wasting dem time on dude. Orochimaru done tag he long time. Scorpion became lunch. Ino wants to be stronger.



Eat up!

The outro wasn’t much to talk about once the anime was done. Basically it was Madara time to shine. I mean when you end with the baddest Uchiha smiling you know bodies gonna drop.

Watch him. There smiling like Mister Rogers. Telling me “Would you be my neighbor?” No Madara. You just want me to be under your genjutsu. Anyway I can almost see the light at the end of the tunnel. The fluffs are almost done. Till the next episode stay frosty!

PS… I want to know who is this chick….



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