Naruto Gaiden Chapter 1 Review

The first chapter of the most anticipated series in the Narutoverse is here. Naruto Gaiden The Seventh Hokage and the Scarlet Spring Month is picking up when The whole gang have their children.

Naruto son name is Boruto. No I am serious. He is playing hide and seek with one of Naruto clones. Isn’t that cool. I mean handeling the leaf affairs while playing with your son. But we aren’t talking about Naruto or his son. This is all about Sasuke and his pork child Sarada Uchiha.

This chapter opened us up to the loneliness of a daughter who misses her dad. Now I know most would disagree with me but Sasuke always up in the bush doing God knows what. I will be the first to say he avoiding responsibility.

Then lets talk about the temper on Sakura. As soon as Sarada started to ask her “mom” about her validity of her relationship with Sasuke pissed her off big time. Then to add more salt to the wound she mash up her house.

Then the kicker at the end that had me thinking about Maury.

Talk about sauce in the pot. Sarada look just like Karin!!! Look chubble!!!! Usually you need to get DNA to find out who the father is but in this case…..who is the mother buddy? Wha really going on… After reading this chapter I am quite satisfied with the direction they are taking it. Not happy that they chose Sasuke to start it off but meh….such is life

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