Naruto It’s A Trap! Shippuuden 410 Review

This is the fluff that never ends. It just goes on and on my friend. Some people started it and they don’t know when it will end. Sigh…. only a few people will know that song. Basically the Chunin exams still popping off. It seem that the plan to kill Gaara is set in motion.

We have these two assassins gearing up to handle some business. The other participants are still fighting their way to the central tower. Then out of no where a massive sand stiorm broke out. Garra peeping on man with that eye.

On a real I wonder if he does be using that eye for other things….just saying. Well big storm popping off. They tried to keep Gaara lock up but they ain’t know who dem messing with. He done escape long time. With Gaara now in the open things bout to get real in a second. I mean Gaara knew this was a trap. Any fool can see this. I guess he tired of hiding behind a desk.

I am just counting down the days till this fluff is over. This ting just dragging on right now. Sometimes I ask myself why am I still watching this dribble….but then I suck it up and watch it anyway. That is what it means to be a fan. So till the next episode stay frosty!


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