Naruto Pure Madness Shippuuden 411 & 412 Review

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Most people done give up on this anime. This fluff is a waste of time. No real talk. They really just messing with me right now. Her I am thinking this gonna be the end of the fluff episode and what do I get. More nonesense. Only because I am a fan….. Only reason. So any way back to the chunin exams and the attempted assassination.

So we have Gara and Foo all chained up and having their tailed beast pulled out of them. It seem all is lost until Neji comes by. Seem like Neji is superman in this episode with his Bakugun eyes buddy.

On a real I been just sitting here watching the end credits hoping to see them move on from this fluff fest. Then when I see the end I take a big sigh. Still continuing this stupid arc. I don’t understand why they want to make me suffer like this. I know many Naruto fans who decided to ignore the series until they start back up. My question is why do they have so much fillers. I mean it isn’t like they need to drag it on any longer. We all know the Manga is over. The last Naruto movie already shown. It is like they want to keep this going like One Piece. Which in my opinion don’t have this much filler episodes.

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