Avengers 2 Age of Megatron Review

That is right I finally got a chance to watch the Avengers 2 movie. Now I will say this if you have not seen the movie and still want to enjoy it then stop reading this. Cause I am gonna destroy any hope of loving this film. Well maybe not all cause there was some good points. So be warned!





Ok since you are still reading which means you have seen the blasphemy which took place in this abomination called a movie. Like what the frak!!! Vision picked up Thor Hammer……seriously. Sorry jumping the gun again.

Once again Marvel gave us another feel good movie with lots of action and memorable moments. I am not to happy with the direction they are going. I am excited to see where it goes. Especially with Vision and Scarlet Witch. Mad that Quick Silver died. Yes he is dead. Kinda was cool having that character in there.

The coolest character in the whole movie is Ultron. James Spader was his devilish self. I loved every second of it. Especially how I am a total fanboy for the Blacklist TV show. Every Line was on point and the puch lines had me rolling.

What you guys saw….
What I saw…..

I must say the chemistry with The Hulk and black Widow reminded me of Hentai porn. I mean dude would rip up the Black Widow. The odd thing is she was down for it. I mean going the full nine yards with him. Green Hulk and all.

The pace of the movie kept things fresh and interesting. So for those who need constant entertaniment before knodding off this will keep you occupied. Not sure who to focus on in the movie. So much plot points scattered all over the place made it difficult to really say who you could cling on to. For example you got a glimpse into the Black Widow past. The conversation with Bruce Banner aka The Hulk about not being able to have a baby was interesting to know. Then they shifted gears with Thor seeing in a vision the Gems. Which is the build up to the Infinity Gaunlet. Then shift gears again to Hawkeye with a family. Yes wife and kids. Dem was vibes. Wait don’t stop there we still didn’t dig deep into the fear of Iron Man. Was like watching an episode of weird science.

There were more plots they played around with. None really stood out more than the other kinda.Doesn’t matter it was good enough to watch. All in all folks this was a good film. I had low expectations for this film but truly enjoyed it. So I give this a 4/5.

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