Happy Birthday Pac-Man

Okay. One of the perks of being the Gaming Geek Goddess that is JOYE STYK, is that I have absolutely no need for humility of any form! My every day, not as awesome, secret regular identity, however lives in this daily bubble of modesty…except in MAY.

May becomes an unabashed glorification of all things that a fabulous Birth-MAY celebration should have. The notion of shining the light on anyone else is unthinkable…unless it’s PAC-MAN.


If you take the time to Google “PAC MAN”, the game PAC-MAN Doodle will be in the top frame. This homage to the classic game, with the barriers spelling out Google, was made 5 years ago when the game made 30. TODAY, the classic goodness that is the yellow wonder makes 35! How many of us can say that we have been loved by as many, enjoyed by as many and still live up to our original awesomeness despite the changing times?

There are many imitations and spin-offs that you can play, and I encourage you to play something Pac-Man today. Personally, I’ll be connecting my joystick, that’s pre-loaded with the Classic Pac-Man, and making a high-score run.

I’d love to hear how you celebrated Pac-Man’s Birthday…so post below! (If the room stays quiet I’ll know the ghosts won).

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