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Naruto TURN UP!!!! Dude carrying the title “The Seventh” like a boss. Real talk I was hoping to see him mop the floor with this dude named Shin Uchiha.

Just as when things bout to get real this little thing call him up from the fight. It got me wondering if this is another Uchiha who escaped the Itachi massacre. Either way dude want to thief Sarada. Being a female Uchiha or maybe the only one must be a big deal.

Sarada is still looking for her dad. Although we learned that Sasuke is always out on long missions doing his undercover thing Sarada never had the opportunity of having her dad around. With the whole fiasco with Sarada and Sakura story. Y’all know the one where we thought Sakura wasn’t the mother. I mean you had to ask especially with the whole glasses thing making her look like Karen. We all knew Karen had the hots for Sasuke long time. I personally never thought Sasuke had a thing for Sakura.

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Naruto as a father figure is almost natural looking at it. He seem to have this confidece about him that screams Hokage. Real talk. He doesn’t seem unsure of anything. Even Kuruma asked him if he gonna fight. Seem like this peaceful time got them itchy for a fight.

Then the cliff hanger. Sarada ran ahead to see her father. I can imagine her heart thumping out her chest. The excitement and fear all at once. Then that moment. She finally saw him. Then like Sasuke as usual say the most craziest things.


We have to wait for the next chapter to see what this man talking about. I won’t lie this man ain’t hear the girl call him “papa” and still act like he ain’t know her. This is much better than the stupid fluff fest going on with the anime right now. So until then stay frosty.