Iron Man S6 Edge Phone Unboxing

This thing is one sexy phone. Now having an iPhone I am so jealous. I mean who wouldn’t want an inspired Iron Man phone. Also the coolest thing instead of saying “Ok Google” you say “Ok Jarvis”. How epic is that! If you ever checked any Youtube video you would notice a commercial that highlights the phone being used with the Oculus Rift VR headset.

I won’t lie. That would be cool if it wasn’t so gimmicky. I personally would try it out for a minute then put it down for ever after that. Just like 3D TV’s this to will past. So if you are not an iPhone Fanboy and love some Android I would definitely recommend this. Just for the epic Marvel swag. Imagine rolling through your geek friends with this phone and stunt on them.

I would totally get an iPhone version if they ever think about doing something like that. I highly doubt Apple would do something like. I would want a Batman version though…Just saying.

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