Naruto The Fluff is Over Shippuden 414 Review

vlcsnap-2015-05-31-23h07m06s915HALLELUJAH! Finally they started the main arc. I was losing hope with this anime. Some already gave up on it a long time ago but hey I love the Narutoverse to much to give up on it.

My girl is totally freaking out!
My girl is totally freaking out!

So back to the drama! Sasuke is nearly dead. Karin goes totally crazy once she can’t sense his chakra. I mean this girl went HAM! She went through that clone dude like he was a low level noob. Shoot it look like Sasuke team done know what time it is. Cause if Karin losing it that can only mean one thing. Sasuke is in real trouble.


I wonder who this can be????
I wonder who this can be????

To make matters worse an evil presence is near his body. I don’t know who it is but that can’t be good news. But seeing Karin whipping out the chains like that was quite epic. Thing had me open my eyes a little bit while watching. I was like ting with she!

Just a little cut here...
Just a little cut here…
Massage his heart....
Massage his heart….

Then Naruto. Having the Nine Tails extracted from him left him basically dead. Sakura is literally massaging his heart. She ain’t letting him die just so. Before Karuma was sucked in by Madara he told Gaara to find his other half. Which is expected.

This man moving like a real BOSS!
This man moving like a real BOSS!

Madara is now a sage of the six paths. Look trouble. This man ain’t playing. He going for the number one spot. Killing Sasuke like it wa snothing. Pullingt he Nine Tails out of Naruto. He executing each plan perfectly. No long talking just action. That is the kind of villian I like. Ain’t wasting no time. Not to mention he has his sights set on his other eye. We know once that happen it is game over. Then lets add more salt to the wound. Once Minato realized what happened to Naruto he gegan to place the other half of the Nine Tails in him. Intercepted by the black half zetsu. Now he in the same space as the other Nine Tails. Talk bout chubble.

LOL Dude sneak in CLEAN!
LOL Dude sneak in CLEAN!

Right now it don’t look to good for Naruto or Sasuke. To be honest I am not sure how Sasuke gonna come back from this one. Maybe Karin gonna do something real kinky. Either way something have to happen. I am just

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