Naruto Gaiden Chapter 5 Review

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AWWW Yeah the drama continues! Mommy coming to deal with little miss Sarada! Also some very interesting developments!!

It looks like Sasuke is the new Black Anbu Ops. Doing Covert Hidden Leaf espionage. The very same thing his older brother Itachi had to do. Funny how things like that comes full circle. This time with his daughter. Hopefully she doesn’t have to see a massacre like Sasuke.

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Which brings me to the most interesting part of the manga. This individual. Who is he…Why does he have eyes on him like Danzo? Was he a failed experiment with Orochimaru? Where did he get all those eyes? Did Itachi miss killing all of the Uchiha? So many questions! All I know is that he wants Sarada bad…kinda creepy but makes sense. She is the first female Uchiha. Time to populate the species! LOL Don’t mind me. I am curious to how Sasuke will deal with this new revelation. Seeing how the last time he fought someone with the eyes of his fallen comrades was Danzo. Not to mention the next thing that had me gasp…

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The resurrection of the Akatsuki! That’s right! Dude got the Akatsuki flag raising high! I mean I thought they all died with Madara and crew. Was I wrong. When you think of it Akatsuki is a movement that can never die. It is about to go down….

So the mystery dude started to attack on Naruto who was with Sarada trying to calm her down when Sasuke totally side lined her. So at that moment Sasuke jumped in. He loves his daughter but really need to show her in a better way. I mean he is doing what his brother did to him. Love him from far and use weird half truths. All I know a big fight gonna happen and it look like Naruto itching for this fight. So till then stay frosty!

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