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Another great read! I am telling you if you are not into the Narutoverse this Manga will definitly spark your interest.

So we left off where Sarada finally know the truth about who her real mom is. Naruto who is now the Seventh Hokage got to deal with this little mess. Sarada is heart broken. She feels like she don’t belong. But we all know that story all to well.

Naruto shared with her what life being all alone can do for you. Having a family was a desire he had for a long time. Until that one incident where his instructor risked his life to save him. Giving him hope to a new goal in life. Naruto family is the Hidden Leaf Village. Their pain is his pain. He gave Sarada a deeper insight on how life can be complicated and harsh. To press through those feelings and know what is real. That is what she has. Although Sakura isn’t her mom we can see`through Sarada memories that she loves her.

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Personally for me I have two adopted daughters in my life and I can tell you being a parent to a child that isn’t blood related means you have to show more love. So I can definitly relate to this.

After the speech Sarada realized what is real. She loves Sakura. She loves her mom. The woman that raised her. Although things will be different it doesn’t mean it will not be good.

So Sasuke was searching for his wife Sakura. Interesting enough he seem concerned. Also he know his wife can handle herself which shows that he have deep feelings for her. Which is quite strange if you ask me. Seeing Sasuke in love with a woman. Just saying he did try to kill her once. Actually he tried to kill everybody. LOL good times.

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Man showing off with his eyes. Getting on like a real “badman” Things about to get turn up just now cause Sakura cracking her knuckles. After having that conversation with Shin it seem she was just buying time. Restoring Chakra maybe or communicationg with her husband to find her location. Either way I am so loving this Manga over the Anime right now. They doing pure nonsense over there.

It's About to go DOWN!
It’s About to go DOWN!