Naruto Tired of Obito Shippuuden 417 Review


Back with this anime again. Obito again. Yep. This time he trying to redeem himself. Fighting against Madara. Sorry Sage of the Six Paths Madara. To me the small flash back with Kakashi wasn’t needed. Look they been showing us that story to death. Real talk. We know Kakashi is broken. We know the relationship between you guys is one filled with regret.

My Boy here plotting!!!
My Boy here plotting!!!

Flash backs aside Madara ain’t no fool. We got a sneak peek on his thought process. While they there chatting Madara sorting out a plan. At that moment Madara attacked and in a flash both Kakashi and Obito did Kamui.

vlcsnap-2015-06-26-18h57m30s318 vlcsnap-2015-06-26-19h00m23s961

Which made the transportation jutsu to react much faster. Allowing Obito to go and bring Naruto back to life. But what about Kakashi?

Guy to the rescue!!!!
Guy to the rescue!!!!

Which brings me to the most epic scene I been waiting for ever since I known myself. The biggest match up ever. The Baddest ninja in my opinion in the Narutoverse. Guy vs Madara. Yes that is freaking right. The baddest thai jutsu user gonna put it down. Awwwww yeah! That is one episode I am definitely gonna be drooling like a monkey watching banana porn.

That scene alone had me like this.


So anyway it look like we back on track. The preview showed us a little flashback on Guy. Seem like we might get to see a little about Guy. Also see him throw down some licks on Madara. Oooohhhh I can’t wait!


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