Rainbow Six Siege Beta

Screen Shot edit

ALL ABOARD!!! The Rainbow Six Siege hype train is here!! Ever since I saw the reveal at E3 2014 I knew….. I MUST HAVE THIS GAME! So I signed up to every site offering Beta Codes that I could find. So IGN graced me with some codes and best believe I am gonna hit this one up on the PS4! Ain’t nothing better than getting first dibs on your game for free. I know there will be glitches and other hiccups but who cares! This is freaking Rainbow Six! The 2nd Grand Daddy to FPS! Anyone who played any of this series know this game is all about team work and tactical gameplay. This isn’t your Call of Duty run N gun gameplay. Here is a little taste of the gameplay:

So definitely check this game out when it comes out October 13, 2015. Many fans been waiting for this game and I know it will do well. Not like Medal of Honor. That game flop hard.

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