San Diego Comic Con 2015 and my cousin Chevon who linked me to the trailer on Facebook gave us a deeper look into what may be a very interesting movie.

Screen Shot 2015-07-11 at 4.33.24 PM

As we can see Bruce Wayne was there when Superman and Zod was going at it. So we see where the animosity begins. Batman know that one man with all that power isn’t good. So far I am loving it! Anyone who know how the Justice League was formed Batman was always wary of Superman.


Then there is Wonder Woman. Where she land up in all of this I don’t know. But I know one thing for sure. She getting blows. Kinda like her outfit. Looks nice. So far people are looking at Superman as a god. I mean can you blame them. Dude who has super human strength and shoot laser beams with his eyes would be pretty epic.

Screen Shot 2015-07-11 at 4.35.34 PM

Would we see a Joker? I mean how can you have Batman without the Joker. So much to go off on here. Could be just an angry Superman Fanboy…talking about fanboys it seem Superman have quite a following…


So anyway this trailer shed so much more light on the movie that I have faith Ben could pull it off. The Batman isn’t a happy camper. He isn’t the power ranger costume wearing vigilante. He is the Dark Knight. The man with a huge chip on his shoulders. This movie gonna be We have Lex Luther with lots of hair. Being the arch villain we all know him to be. DC have a lot riding on this film. Marvel been dominating with all their super hero movies. Hit after hit and the new recently added Ant-Man adding to the sauce Batman V Superman need to be good.

I still got my money on the Batman. Sorry Superman you suck.
I still got my money on the Batman. Sorry Superman you suck.