Beats Solo 2 Review


Being the average audiophile sometimes when traveling I like to kick back and listen to my tunes. So to my surprise I was given the new Beats Solo 2 Wireless headset. So besides the fact many pro audio users would scream that Beats is over priced and the sound quality is garbage. Now I am not the music buff who can tell the difference between excellent sound and good sound. I am just a regular guy who occasionally listens to music. Since that is out of the way lets check out these headset.


I would state for the record the quality of the box was very good quality. What comes in the box is the Beats Headset, Charging cable, Remote Talk microphone cable, Beats carrying case, Beats Case clip and the instruction manual.

The first thing that jumped out at me is the premium feel to everything packaged. Like someone spent some time trying to give you that professional first impression. But that don’t mean nothing to me. I want to know how it sound once I plugged it up.


These headsets fits right on your ears. At first they run a bit tight but then start to slack up a bit. They don’t slide off when you start to sweat which is a good thing for me. Especially when doing things like washing the car or jogging it stay secured on your head.

So I did two tests. One with it plugged in to my iPhone 6 directly and the other test wirelessly.


Test 1

I owned the first wireless Beats and I could tell you the bass was heavy. The Solo 2 dialed back on the bass. Not as heavy as before but still have that medium kick. They are still 100% wife proof. I can not hear no outside noise once I had these on. Even when the volume is at half all I saw were her lips moving. Clean sound as expected once wired. The Remote talk cable provided allowed me to turn the volume up and down very easily. Tapping twice on the middle button moved the track forward. Three taps went to the previous track. So I had a very easy experience listening to my music while keeping the phone in my pocket. Receiving calls was just as easy. Call quality was clean and the person on the other end could of hear me quite fine without me placing the mic directly to my mouth. That is a pass in my book.

Test 2 

Setting up the Bluetooth connection wasn’t hard. Hold the power button until you see the red light followed by the white light signaling that it is in pairing mode. Once connected I was good to go. In my opinion the sound quality don’t sound any different having it plugged in. To me it sounds better. I know that don’t make any sense but the music sounded louder. Not the bass per say but overall the volume got noticeably louder. The controls for the bluetooth isn’t ugly like the first wireless.

As you can see the buttons are laid out on the Solo 1. The Solo 2 are hidden.
As you can see the buttons are laid out on the Solo 1. The Solo 2 are hidden.

The “b” button has more than one function. Press once it plays. Press twice next track. Press three times previous track. Volume up is above the “b”. Volume down is below. The controls are accessible and not in the way.

Receiving a call while in wireless mode went through smoothly. Background noise was minimized on the other end of the call even though I was outside and the wind was blowing.

One thing that I noticed is that it charges very quickly. From dead to full charge took less than 15 minutes. Basically you can get a solid 10 hours using this. Now I won’t recommend doing that cause I got a headache after wearing them for only 3 hours straight. Which is good because I like to charge my devices at the end of the day. The fuel gauge is a nice touch. Lets you know where you stand as far as how much juice you have left.

Yeah I know… Wires everywhere…

The Good

Everything performed as it should. The music coming from the Beats sounded well. The bass wasn’t over powering like the first wireless headset. Also they are much lighter. All around they are a solid wireless headphones.

The Bad

These things are expensive. Lawdy for the amount these man asking for is best you buy something else that will sound better. $315 – #330 here in Tortola. Not to mention you become a walking billboard for Beats. The branding is all over this thing. But hey you buying a Beats for people to know you have one.

Last Opinion

If you got the gwop and not hurting to drop $$$ then I say grab them. If you want the best sound for your music and want only the best I say take a pass on them. I enjoy them because the first one given to me lasted a long time and never gave me any trouble. Well except for the ear cushion peeling off. Either way they are still being used to this day and I had them for well over 3 years. Since Apple and Dre sleeping together now it works well with the Apple family of products. Oh also if you go to there is an update waiting for you.

This is it...
This is it…

Now usually I don’t update for nothing. Yet I still did it and amazingly it still works. I guess I need to be less paranoid. So there you have it. I give the Beats Solo 2 Wireless Headphones 3 out 5 stars. Yeah the price don’t match the sound. I mean you basically paying for the brand and not the sound. Beyond that it is just good headphones.


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