Naruto PURE BADNESS Shippuden 420 Review

This episode right here!!!!! YES!!! Now we talking. If you are a die hard Naruto Fanboy like me then you must be jumping up and down like a crack head! Cause this episode is full of good ramen!

Guy vs Madara! NUFF SAID!!!! You couldn’t pay me to read this on a manga! Watching Guy getting on in epic BEAST MODE! This man had me at the edge of my seat! Guy fist ain’t even touch Madara. The force alone had him on the ground. It also look like Guy been watching One Piece cause this man skipping in the air like Sanji!!! Real talk!!! Rock Lee on the side crying. I mean I would cry to but I ain’t about to show no feelings when GUY GETTING ON LIKE A RED DEATH PULSE RIFLE FROM DESTINY!!!! So while Kakashi, Gaara and Minato on the side watching they decide to help out Guy. Once they saw an opening they executed it nicely. Allowing Guy to land a solid blow



Even after all this thump up Madara get he still was able to get up. To be honest I think he enjoying it! Pure mad man he is. Also I don’t think Guy have much left in him. After releasing the Gate of death his body is reaching the limit.

Watch he face....Man getting aroused from battle...
Watch he face….Man getting aroused from battle…


Then we switch gears to Naruto. Yep. He is alive somewhat. Obito and Sakura sorting him out. So we get a little commercial break from the most Epic fight since the war start. Naruto is talking to some old guy. Now here we realize Naruto isn’t the sharpest tool in the shed. Lawdy the man dense bad. Even I knew off the bat he was the Sage of Six Paths. Yet Naruto couldn’t piece that together. Funny ting man talking straight out of the King James Bible. Nearly had to pull out my concordance and sing a hymn. After all the talking and back and forth goofiness we get to the meat of the matter and why he was there.


Ha! The dumb look on his face. Priceless.

Basically Naruto is the reincarnation of the younger son of Hagoromo Ashura. It seem that he attained strength through working with others versus having powers on your own. Does that remind of someone. Hmm Sasuke comes to mind. It seem that history repeats itself. It makes me think about how far back we can go with this story. Thank God we didn’t have to suffer another filler episode about these two brothers. although I personally wouldn’t mind. I would like to see how all this started. Especially this mother of his. She sound like she was a real bad ting.

Naruto is a dunce....
Naruto is a dunce….

Look you need to watch this episode. Real talk! I know Naruto been on the up and down roller coaster but even the haters *cough* PUN can get something from this episode. Oh also did I mention that the next episode we see Sasuke and Naruto getting something from the Sage of Six Path. Can someone say UPGRADES!!! I can’t wait! Next week need come tomorrow!!!!



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