It was a hot day at the Althea Scatliffe Primary School grounds. No rainy clouds in sight. A recipe for Kiddie Fiesta hosted by the Rotary Club of Tortola. Setting up was the hard part. It was all about gaming after that! Oh let me honor these young people who took their gaming to another level. They got the all day pass which means unlimited gaming time!

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Many challenged Blake on NBA2k14 and got their dreams crushed. Oh there was some who also challenged me to Naruto. I am still the champ! It was a great! Watching young people rolling in challenging their friends. It takes me back to the days before the internet. When multiplayer games meant having to physically go to your friends house and play split screen. Actually connecting verbally and interacting after scoring the big shot or beating him in the fighting game. Oh the feeling when your car passes right at the finish line. That is what Carib Gamer is all about. Bringing that feeling in gaming.

Serious Mario Kart game there. This was the rematch!!!

There was many other attractions that was there. From the bouncy castles to the Go Karts. This was packed day of fun. Did also mention face painting!

The one and only BATMAN.
The one and only BATMAN.

Make sure look out for Carib Gamer next year for another Kiddie Fiesta. Also keep an eye out for us this festival time. At the East End Village we will be having a booth. That is right! Also New York Comic Con for sure will be seeing us. Our Cosplay costumes gonna be EPIC!!!! So stay frosty till we meet again!!