EPIC. That basically sums up what this episode was. So much to pull from this episode that it literally gave me goosebumps. All I could say is GUY IS THE MAN!!!!!!!!!!


So leh we start with Naruto. Super gramps dropping some knowledge on Naruto. Giving him the history and reason for the madness that is happening. It seem that Naruto knew from that time he fought him that time with Danzo. Naruto isn’t that smart but he does know what he sense. Right now he sense the beef bubbling deep down inside him. Funny thing is we all know Naruto draws his strength from his friends. Which makes him a cool guy. Although some HATERS would say he is whack because of his goofy nature I would disagree. Every hero don’t have to be perfect or invincible. His faults is what makes him who he is. Super Gramps asked him what would he do after the war is finished. Once he attains this new upgrade will he become an evil tyrant…cough Sasuke….

Naruto chose his friends
Naruto chose his friends

I am not sure what Sasuke chose but it seem he got the upgrade nonetheless. I think Naruto got the better upgrade. You ask why? Well first he the child of prophecy. Sasuke is not. Naruto got all the tail beast in him right now.


All Sasuke have is his eyes. I guess that is enough for him. I guess he is just so awesome he doesn’t need to train or anything. Just boom know epic moves just so. Right…. anyway time for the upgrade!!

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Don’t ask me what this means but one is night and the other is day. Would have to look up Japanese culture to figure out the meaning behind this but I can tell you this must mean something. Ying and Yang. Don’t know….but we now know dem is bad man now.

Now back to the matter at hand. Guy is fighting for his life. Or shall I say he is fighting his last fight. Yeah mehson Guy is real freaking tool. This man deserve his face up on the rocks with the Kages. I watching this fight and thinking mehson this man is an  Avatar. Dude is Space Bending. Then this man pull a Mortal Kombat X x-ray move! I telling you Guy just TURN UP one time!


Then just when you think he is dead….BOOM!!!! NARUTO in ya body! Dude is ready for Madara now! Guy isn’t dead! WOOT!!!! My boy live to fight another day!!! Hallelujah! Talk about an OMG moment. I thought he was dead and now he isn’t. To all those who read the Manga and didn’t spoil it for me I thank you. This was just to EPIC! Naruto look like he ready to fight….Then this happened.


A FLIPPING FILLER!! WHY IN SAM HELL YOU WOULD WANT TO AIR ANOTHER FILLER!! SERIOUSLY WHAT THE FRAK! THIS IS JUST UNFREAKING BELIEVABLE! I could of destroyed my Macbook but it isn’t worth it. I mean why Naruto. Things was getting good. Why would you want to have a fluff episode right when the sex was getting good. Geez man…. I don’t care for who will inherit. I know who will inherit….Hinata. Lets just keep it moving. Anyway the next episode ain’t even worth my time. Yet I will download it and watch it. I am such a fan….Till the next time stay frosty!