Naruto The Last Battle Shippuuden 424 Review

What a roller coaster ride of emotions with this series called Naruto. One minute we up and the next minute we down. Well this episode had me at the edge of my seat. This was all about Naruto and Sasuke. The last upgrade they got finally getting put to use.



Naruto holding all of the tailed beasts in him coupled with Super Gramps new power let’s just say he have that new car smell right now. Not leaving out the guy I love to hate. Sasuke got a new eye. The rinneghan looking sick. To be honest Sasuke seem to be less douche bagish.


Madara was looking real salty buddy. After nearly being killed by Guy he slowly realized “he going to jail now”. The weirdest thing happened. After Naruto did the most epic rasengan with Goku chakra and cutting the tree Madara heard a voice.


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Now I am not to keen on voices in people heads but I will take a shot in the dark here and say that was from the mother of the Sage of six paths. Only makes sense it had to be her. Cause if the two sons reincarnated in Naruto and Sasuke it only makes perfect sense she harassing madara. So now we have Super Madara to battle. Look chubble buddy….Well he missing an eye so he ain’t that bad yet…


So the last battle have been announced. Madara facing off with the two baddest team members ever. That’s right. These man ain’t no play play man. They first fell in love after that kiss. Then the bromance that continued since then lead us all to this point. Will they come out the closet. Maybe but right now they have to fight. Sasuke show how calculating he can be. While Naruto showing us his skills as a true brawler.

My boy analyzing everything buddy...
My boy analyzing everything buddy…

Sasuke new eye proving to be very awesome right about now. Seeing everything. Especially that blasted Limbo jutsu. I finally get to see what it was. Naruto could sense it but couldn’t see it. Good old Sasuke saw it. He can also teleport or something like it. But he does be in one spot then appear in a next place. Had Madara looking like a looney tune. Which way did he duh which way did he go. Epic.



Madara had to work fast cause these man was ripping him apart. Dude buss off and took kakashi eye. Now I still don’t know how these man does get it done. Just swapping eyes like dem is lego bricks. Just when things getting hot the anime done. Stupid Sakura wasting time stabbing Obito eye. Mehson you there thinking about it. Humbug that I would of done it from time Naruto got out. Shoot I would of killed him one time. No hesitation. He would of been DEAD. So if you wondering if the next episode gonna be a filler. GOOD NEWS! No filler! No Fluff! So expect things to move at a much hotter pace! I done see it look like everybody gonna be taking a long nap. Which means TONS OF DUMB FILLERS TO COME. I done see it coming. I better just brace for it. Hopefully something good comes out of it. Well sorry for the late post. Been busy with work and being certified. Glad it is over with and happy to be blogging once again. Gearing up for New York Comic Con… Yeah we going hard for that cosplay this time around! More to come after these messages…Stay Frosty!

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