Xur Location 8/14/15

Bungie you think ya smart. I done see what y’all doing. To prep us for the nerf you giving everybody a taste of the most epic rocket launcher in the game. That is right folks. Xur brought the one and only…..


Yep. For a limited time you can be a proud owner of the infamous GJALLARHORN!!!!! For 17 strange coins you to can finally be popular with those female hunters….. I mean if dem is female. To be honest Bungie gonna be nerfing the hell out of this gun. Soooo before the Taken King comes out you better get some of this while it still a beast. Oh Xur have some other junk if you want that stuff.. Oh you can find Xur at the club by the hanger chilling like a Boss….


IMG_3051 IMG_3052

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