Black Ops 3 Beta

Been a while since I been on the Call of Duty scene. I don’t know but I just ain’t feeling it like I used to. You know like back in the days of Modern Warfare 4. When HTKU was in it’s prime. Since most of the members either retire or forgot how to pull the trigger…( YES I PUTTING DEM ON BLAST ) I recently got some beta codes from my good friend Amos. Recently man like Xavier been on the grind training steady to be the best. Then we have Tola Cream still ripping man pride in Black Ops 2 on a regular. Literally every time I turn on my PS4 she online playing that. So getting a taste of the new Black Ops 3 I welcome with open arms.

IMG 3156

So once again The Lone wolf is about to check out the exclusive beta on the PS4. Definitely will let you guys know how this game is shaping up. Check out this trailer they have.

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