Naruto This is it Shippuuden 425 Review

Well Well!!! Talk bout ramen! Soon much in this episode have me drooling steady! So where to start….

Sakura.....EPIC FAIL!
Sakura…..EPIC FAIL!

This blasted girl name Sakura! She couldn’t just stab the man eye and get it over with. She is nothing but a waste of time! Real talk. If she had just do that one simple thing Madara would of been sucking salt all now from Naruto and Sasuke. Yet she waste time and Obito had to save her from getting her head knocked off.

Ha Obito got poo on his face....
Ha Obito got poo on his face….

Huge revalation poor Obito…. tsk tsk tsk this man was a puppet from the get go. Madara orchastrated Rin death. He was there watching him from long. Knowing Obito loved the Hidden Leaf village turned that love against him. Made him hate the village so he can use him. Talk about feeling like a botty. Kakashi going through the turmoil of killing his best friend and becoming lonely was all done by Madara. So Obito who can’t move after being sealed by the curse mark just being frozen helplessly as Madara lay it on him like a good villian.

Naruto Heal

Back to that idot Sakura. Yes I vex at her. Dumb girl ain’t worth the spit on the ground. She there healing Kakashi eye after Madara done theif it. That was funny. Then Naruto come through and literally bring back his eye. Dude moving like a prophet. Sakura all in shock now. While Sasuke watching around for Madara. At that moment Kakashi started to be all nostalgic. Looking at Team 7 back then and what they are now. Then the question was posed to Sasuke. Cause this man was and maybe still is a douche bag. The question was what is his dream now. After everything he set out to do blew up in his face….what is his mission now? Yeah Sasuke…last I checked you want to be Hokage. Big man stay in your lane. You know Naruto been saying that from time he was a cross dresser with his sexy clone jutsu. So me ain’t studying you with that bull. Madara ready now. Come through and check this out folks. Sakura busting some moves. Dumb girl ain’t know she a scrub. Big man fight and she jumping in head strong like she ready. SHE WASN’T READY!

vlcsnap-2015-08-21-00h33m57s663 vlcsnap-2015-08-21-00h33m42s755

She had get burn from Sasuke again. Dude ain’t got time for she. While she was there recovering from the last attack Sasuke didn’t even check for her. Guess who pull her out…Naruto. Time after time this blasted girl don’t undrestand she need go in a kitchen and cook man food buh up in a battle being a blight to people. So anyway after her dumb attempt Sasuke done see what really going on. Madara ain’t wasting no time. He went on the defense and then decided to set them up with an epic distraction. So while these man fighting the clones on the ground and Sasuke in the air busting up rocks Madara setting up the infinite dream jutsu. This is it. The moment we all knew was coming. The moment when the worst thing that can happen is happening. Everyone gonna be under a genjutsu for life.

vlcsnap-2015-08-21-00h41m42s038 vlcsnap-2015-08-21-00h42m07s119 vlcsnap-2015-08-21-00h42m00s763

Lawdy! Send help! will Naruto and Sasuke be inder it? Will Sasuke notice Sakura? Will Madara finally get his wish? Will the next episode be a fluff? So much questions and the ramen done!!! I telling ya I can’t wait for Thursday to come again. All through work I was just writing the review in my mind just itching to get posted. So till the next episode stay frosty!

The Next episode....This gonna be EPIC!!
The Next episode….This gonna be EPIC!!

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