Naruto Rinnegan Eyes Shippuuden 426 Review

This is it. Game Over. Madara finally did it. The Infinite Tsukuyomi. What happens next spells doom for us all. Yes….

Brace Yourself

After I saw everyone got wrapped up like a mummy I done realized this will be the time for the Narutoverse to take a “What if” spin on things. For example what if Naruto wasn’t the hero and Sasuke was. What if Naruto parents didn’t die. Just different scenarios that could of happened. 

So nothing much here in this episode. Just a lot of questions. One major thing to take note of is Sasuke. This boy just always on point. As soon as he saw the epic genjutsu on the moon he done sort out a plan. 

I won’t lie Sasuke may be a douchbag but he is an excellent strategist. He used his Susano’o to shield Naruto, Sakura and Kakashi from the light. It seem the light once seen puts you under the genjutsu and causes the tree to wrap you up. Funny thing is that the reanimations are not affected. So right now they are watching everyone standing around like zombies.

This seem to be a tight spot for Naruto and Sasuke. They leave the Susano’o and they end up like zombies. Also Madara clones are out there waiting for them. So unless there is an epic undo jutsu I don’t see them getting out of this one so easily. 

It looks like Madara got his wish. His plans came together. It seem that the end is near and we are gonna witness the longest fluff season we have ever seen. Yes folks. I have been following this series for a while. One thing is certain. They know how to drag out a ting. See y’all at the next episode. Stay frosty! 


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