After Black Ops 3 Beta I had to get the taste of COD out of my mouth. Lucky for me I got an email from Dice telling me the new Night Operations Maps are available for download. Now if you are still familiar with the crap fest that was Battlefield 4 then you know they have alot of begging back to do. I won’t lie after they fixed the majority of the bugs and problems with that game I came back. Most of my friends already abandon the game. Doesn’t matter though. The few dedicated players still here. Check out this very dark trailer.

This will add another cool dynamic to the epic fire fights already in this game. Also you can’t beat the price. FREE! So if you still own this game and feel the need to get back on I think this will be a good time to do so. Well that is if you are not playing Metal Gear 5. Expect snipers to tattoo their name on your forehead. Cause trust and believe they will be there. Waiting for that moment to see you run across. Being so dark you may run right past them. So get downloading!