I remember the first time using Google. It was a simple white screen with this funny word. Nothing fancy. Nothing that would make you talk much about it. It did one thing. Search. At that time there wasn’t nothing spectacular about a search engine. What made it stand out was the simplicity of it. Google started out as a simple search engine. It eventually gained some steam and became much more.

That steam kept getting bigger and bigger. When you heard people started to say “Hey just google it” you know it had catch on. What was this steam? Well there is the Android platform. I remember when Blackberry was THE phone. Followed by Nokia with their Symbian OS. Then BAM! Android hit the scene. Although it was rough around the edges she had room to grow. While Blackberry and Nokia was sticking to their guns Android evolved. Became more user friendly. They never stopped. Always upgrading. Changing their business model. Flowing with the times. Yes I know they still tracking behind Apple with their iPhone. We ain’t here to start a war about who is better. This time it is about Google…. So yeah the browser Google Chrome which in my opinion is the browser of choice. They even made a “Chromebook”. Shoot I even had one. Awesome little Laptop. Then the most epic buyout was Youtube. God Bless that Youtube. To think of it Google is deeply intertwined in our lives. Developers around the world use their platforms to power many PC’s and Phones. To build cool gadgets using their OS.


Google is always changing. Just some days ago the owners split up the company. The name of it is Alphabet. Don’t ask me why they chose that name. But now they can now focus on the many projects that they been doing. It just seem that these guys gonna keep moving and I want to take this time to salute Google. You have helped me pass countless exams in my college days. Also to end arguments of crazy facts that I would of never known if I didn’t “google” it.