WhatsApp Sneaky Update

Sometimes on rare occasions I leave my phone on to do updates. So when I checked my phone to see what got updated I saw one of them was WhatsApp. Now I thought what could they be doing now. So I checked the details.

Wait what? I knew that WhatsApp web was already out for android and I gave up hope for iPhone long time. We all know when it comes to these kinds of things iOS gets the poopy end of the stick. You would of thought iOS being the bully of the app world they would get the new features first.  Not so. Either way the new feature is here.

Basically for those who have iOS 8.1 can bath in the portability of using their favorite messaging app on their computer. finally I can delete bluestacks of my Mac. Will I be using this feature. When I need to yes. Especially when I need to hold a long conversation and ain’t got time to be typing on my phone. This is one update I can work with 👍.

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