Destiny 2.0 is LIVE

This game is a bad ting that always trying to get my attention. Check this out. I would say most of my friends done left this game. Repetitive. Boring. Uninspiring. Those are just a few words they used to describe Destiny. Yet here I am. Like a slave to the loving Destiny giving me. Even though it is lacking in excitement.

Well the new update is here. About 17gb of “new” content. I am still on the fence on what they call new. So until the new expansion Taken King comes out I will know. For now this update main point is the new balance of the guns. Which was the first thing I tried out.


DESTINY LIKE MAN. That is what I have to say about that. These man went and not only nerf the Thorn… They nerfed the whole handgun class. Then to add salt on the wound I tested the Ghallhorn. Sniff Sniff R.I.P. So guess what everyone is rolling with now. Assault Rifles. Yeah Bungie. If that is what you call balancing then I can expect a nerf for the auto rifles soon. Anyway the game got a serious facelift in terms of menus. We have a new dinklebot. Yeah new voice and ting. Anything would of been better than the horrible acting we had from before. The tower got a few things moved around. Eris get put inside by the vangaurd people. Kiosks are now placed to gain access to exotic weapons and armor. For example you would get blueprints and bada bing you get the exotic. Some of the Year one Exotics can be upgraded to Year two stats. Which is ok…EXCEPT MY BLASTED THORN AIN’T CROSSING OVER!!!! Oh also my very first Scout Rifle the a1.fyl that I love so much isn’t getting no love also. Basically Bungie want you to forget that we was in a beta and focus on what they have coming.


I jumped in the crucible and discovered the horrible truth. Auto Rifles are back. They are back with a vengeance. No worries the scout rifles got a buff so I am still happy. The one gun class that got me puzzled is the pulse rifles. They are powerful but hitting that headshot is important. Dem dudes with the messenger and hopscotch be killing man steady. The Thorn…sigh she done lost her venom. I mean she still got that kick but ain’t no two shot kills here anymore. Also the DOT stacks so no more one two shots and wait for death anymore. The new maps are available to everyone before the taken king comes out September 15. Even the maps that was exclusive to Playstation are available.


A few things I like is that I no longer have to fly back to the tower to complete missions. Everything is done in the menus. So no more flying back and forth. You can now be apart of a faction without having to wear their flag. You pay glimmer and pledge your allegiance. Also you no longer use light to level up. You gain exp as usual. The light is for your attack and defense values. In other words no more grinding raids to gain higher levels. In hope to get the armor piece you need. God I hated that. Now you can actually fix your character the way you want. For example if you want to have a gear setup for intellect and not go down in levels then you can do that. Just play the game as you normally do and upgrade. I hated the end game armor.

So if you are still playing Destiny this will come as a breath of fresh air. If you gave up on Destiny then I won’t beg you to come back. To much good games coming out soon that will make things much harder for Destiny to keep your attention for to long. I am right now playing with Bad Juju. Might switch to Red Death. Not sure yet. If the House of Wolves is any indication on how the weapons will be we may end up with crappy weapons. I love me some Destiny but I wish they would give us a full game and not keep short changing us.

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