You Must Watch Mr. Robot

There comes a show once in a while that grabs me and don’t let me go. Hands down the most intriguing series I have ever seen to date. I got pulled in from the first episode and it has been a crazy ride ever since.


So why should you watch Mr. Robot. Well lets first leh we talk bout the main character Elliot Alderson. Vigilante hacker by night and by day a Software Engineer. He works for the security company called Allsafe. Irony at its best. Then he links up with a hacker group called fsociety. The plan after linking with fsociety is to erase all debt from the big company called E Corp. ( He calls it Evil Corp. ) Oh E Corp is one of Allsafe clients. Elliot connects to people by hacking them. Many times he justifies his action as being good. Yet sometimes he questions himself.


Then there is Mr. Robot himself. He is the leader of fsociety. He recruits him hoping to take down Evil Corp. The whole fsociety reminds me of Anonymous. Although the small group of hackers do try to get things done the fearless leader always keep them on track.

My boy always look like he on something
My boy always look like he on something

Every episode begs you to watch the next one. Then to make things even more complicated is how all the characters life seem to cross. Not in a soap opera way. In a wait that is what going on type of way. Just when you think things can’t get any more intense BOOM! Plot twist all up in yo face! I telling you I don’t even know how they got some of those things to show on a regular station. The kind of ting going on sometimes I saying it needs to be HBO or Showtime. Real Talk.

Rotten Tomatoes, IMBD and couple other review sites rating this show as one of the best TV series for the year. Trust the hype. Thing had me in loop. If you don’t watch anything and want to have a fix until the next Season of Daredevil check this out.

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