Destiny Taken King is the new old Bad Ting!!!

What a gwan!!! Been gone for a minute. My Macbook Pro died on me…..sad. No funeral is set. Although something got my attention….TAKEN KING is here!!! Woot!!! So much has changed. I was getting tired of the same old missions.Thank God for this new DLC. Even when my wingman had forsaken me I kept the faith!!! The Destiny gods saw my faithfulness and rewarded me. I turned on my console and started my walk to the Taken King!


So shiny new gun that was exclusive to Sony. Check. Wingman left me. Check. I have some of my other friends still holding it down. Check. So what is left for me to do but play this old bad ting!

Check the faithful few!!!
Check the faithful few!!!

 As you know Destiny know how to camouflage maps and make it feel new. In their defense there are new maps. Although with a new driven story line it does give the NPC’s life. I especially like the Hunter Cayde! Hunters are cool!


As you already know there is a third subclass. Now I only did the titan so far and it lead me to familiar territory. Nothing amazing and cool. I did notice that Destiny like to recycle levels. Yet I got a new sub class to level up and I kinda like it. Although I will miss my bubble. Something I been using for the whole of year one.

Missions seem to be more organic than before. I remember the days of flying back and forth to the tower to complete easy missions. Now all we have to do is go to the menus and complete them there. Even the main story missions for the taken king flows much better. I guess they finally got enough data from the Year one beta. Now they put in the complete game I suppose. Right now I am having a blast. New weapons are actually making me re think my strategy. Got me using an auto rifle. Even though the Taken King was just released man done hit lvl 40. Talk bout grinding. Gaining EXP sn’t as hard as before. Gone are the days when you have to grind for raid armor. Just play the game as usual and get that legendary pieces and tailor the way your character is made. I done see I will be using the Sunspot for an overshield while flinging hammer for days!

So if you are on the fence about returning to Destiny stay there. We don’t want you. Only the die hards need to be playing. The time to seperate the tares from the wheat is here. Many will say Destiny is boring. Well I am having fun. I am actually getting that spark of interest once again. Also if you ever running on the Xbox One and need a Titan check your boy Ruscle Jones. I am the FPS whore and I am a Destiny Addict!


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