These episodes just killing my buzz. Every time I get excited about Naruto this happens. A bun a fluff episodes. This episode is just a continuation of the last episode with Killer Bee. Nothing really to see here.

No really. This is just a waste of time to watch. I mean if Naruto want to have me stringing along with all these episodes best I take a break from it. Then I realize I am a hopeless case. I love watching Naruto.


So back to Killer Bee. Him and his fantasy world where the jinchuriki are feared and kept locked up. After defeating the two members of the Akatsuki they continued their journey in finding the rest of the jinchuriki. Finding the rest of the “team” was difficult but Killer Bee and the almighty fist bump over came it all.


Don’t waste your time with this episode. Real talk. I love Naruto but this is becoming irritating. The next episode is another joke. Karin. We all know what this will be about. Her love for Sasuke and her hard life. One can only hope this will end soon. I hope so. Sorry for the late review. Preparing for New York comic Con can be quite a task. So till the next episode stay frosty!