Doctor Who is back. After waiting what felt like a century. So was the wait worth it? Did this episode made my spidey sense tingle with anticipation?

Really...You still alive
Really…You still alive

Hell no. This is the crap I don’t like. Let me start with this. Why in all that is good and pure  we still don’t have a proper story arch for this Doctor. Somehow it feel he still bumming around doing random stuff. I hate to bring up past episodes or Doctors but this one right here just pulling my last nerve.


We have the Doctor facing his past mistake. Something he could of dealt with from the beginning but decided not to. Extra kudos for linking a reference from a past episode to link us to where we are now. Still don’t explain why Missy still around. I literally had to watch the last episode to understand what happened. After watching it she was killed by a Cyberman. I give up. She must have 9 lives or something. Then that whack Christmas episode didn’t help out either. It feel to disjointed. Like I missed an episode or something.

Who would of thought these two teaming up....
Who would of thought these two teaming up….

Only because I am a dedicated fan and want to see what will happen next. They episode ended with a cliff hanger that all I can say was not even epic in my book. I was actually happy to see how that happened. I know my friend who I shall call “shelly” feel the same way I do. Just disappointed. Here is to hoping for a better episode next Saturday!

This is me through the whole episode....
This is me through the whole episode….