Carib Gamer @ New York Comic Con

That’s right. Carib Gamer is going where very few from the VI have gone before. New York Comic Con. Last year we raided Canada Fan Expo. We went all in! Cosplay was on point and the gear was flawless. This time around we stepping up our game and giving you guys direct access to all the events we attend.

This time around our cosplay gone to the next level. Just a idea of what to look out for. Bleach, Marvel, Naruto and Destiny. That’s right and still a few more that we will show you once we get there.

IMG_3614 IMG_3573 IMG_3563 IMG_3539 IMG_2692

This year for NYCC will be jam packed with tons of events. From the walking dead and DC bringing everything from Lego to new tv series. Don’t forget comic book panelist and manga authors. Yeah this will be epic.

We also hitting the town. Yeah man we gonna hit up all the spots. See what New York got for we. I done know I have to hit up a pizza joint, a hot dog stand and a real Chinese joint selling ramen. That is a must.

Hey if you want us to check out anything hit us up on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or our website and we could check it out for ya. For those who want anything from New York ( yeah I got the bucket of KFC sorted out ) holla at us and we can arrange something.



Carib Gamer is on the move! So follow us on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube and for everything on New York Comic Con! Will keep y’all posted! Stay frosty! ALL ABOARD THE HYPE TRAIN!!!

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