Naruto Sad Story Shippuuden 431 Review

Amazing. This was not a story so much a dream. I really believe Karin is a troubled soul. Watching her story was moving. An ability that strips away your humanity and almost could be on the same level as being a sex slave. Having people use you time after time. Never seeing you as a human being with feelings.


Watching this episode broke my heart. The girl didn’t even had time to mourn the lost of her mother. Was just thrown into the hospital. To heal the week ninjas that got hurt. Bunch a punks. Can’t even die with dignity. Karin lead a lonely life. Fighting to fit in and be accepted. Always being used made watching this seem just so tough….

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Knowing that this is a dream I could only think about what is real and what is fiction. So much of what happened to her must of not been a dream. Probably up to the part when Sasuke became Hokage. Which we all know ain’t never gonna happen. So I figure around that point in time is when the dream took shape. Even how it ended showed her deep love for Sasuke. Which in my opinion is pretty intense. All she wanted in her dream was to see him smile. My God! That is one love sick puppy. Well sah. Anyway the Fluff train is full steam ahead with Lady Tsunade. This gonna be a long train ride buddy..

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