Doctor Who The Witch’s Familiar Review

Just when you think that Moffat running on fumes as far as a story or plot goes for this series he manages to pull something almost that can be watchable. Many things done right in this episode made me smile. Some parts I was like “seriously”. Spoilers ahead!


I knew that Clara and Missy wasn’t dead. How they escaped death was neatly explained through a flashback of an older episode. Watching that had me thinking….THAT MAKE SENSE…. either way they escaped death and was able to be teleported outside. Even though Missy was zapped first I don’t know how she was able to teleport Clara at the right moment she was zapped. Meh… All I know Missy starting to grow on me. Real talk. This woman should of been the next companion. Clara is useless. Through the whole episode I thought what is she there for. Then I remembered…she was bait. I especially loved the part when Missy pushed her in the pit and tilted her head sideways to measure the distance of the pit. Loved it.


Oh don’t forget the irony when she handcuffed her and used her as bait to catch a Dalek. Then after catching the Dalek made her get in. If Clara knew she was in one of those things before she would of never climbed in. Talk about de-ja vu.

The conversation between the Doctor and Davros felt almost like “I have seen this before”. So I did some digging through my collection of Doctor who episodes and bumped into the episodes “Genesis of the Daleks”. Here is a clip I found on Youtube:

What is interesting which I give Moffat points for is the reference. He gives the Doctor Who fans somewhat homework. Test your knowledge of prior episodes that links to the current one. Davros used many tricks to get the Doctor to grab some cables. He used revenge and then sympathy. Dude even opened his real eyes. Shoot in all the years I have known this villain I never see him open them yet. All so that the Doctor can give him some of his regeneration juice.


Man theft his chair like a boss lol!
Man theft his chair like a boss lol!

All now the Doctor think Clara and Missy is dead. I don’t think he cares for Missy being dead. Personally I think he wants her to be dead. Well not killed by his hands but if someone was to kill her then kudos. So he isn’t a happy camper right now. To add a twist to the plot since Missy made Clara step into the Dalek armor certain phrases is converted. For example “I love you” turns into exterminate. Saying your name for example ” I am Clara” turns into “Dalek”. Somehow I knew that would spell trouble later on in the episode.

vlcsnap-2015-09-28-00h57m07s013 vlcsnap-2015-09-28-00h58m52s437

So back to the Doctor and Davros. Long and short Davros bust a lie to get the Doctor to give him some of his regeneration juice. The Doctor nearly get sucked dry. Missy intervened. Saved his life. Davros got his Super Daleks now and all seemed good. Then BAM. You here the Doctor music. You know that tune. The Doctor was like oh yeah I gave you my juice. I gave it to “all” the Daleks. Yep supposedly the sewers are laced with Daleks that isn’t useful. Basically they can’t die so they just fling them down there. They just sit there angry can’t do nothing. So now they can have their revenge all hell broking loose. The Doctor and Missy bust off and what do you know. Clara is rolling up to the Doctor saying “It’s Me Clara!” and it translate to “Dalek”. So you know what Missy tells the Doctor… That is the Dalek that killed Clara. LOL talk bout jokes! She was gonna make the Doctor kill Clara. That would of been funny. Sadly she said “Mercy” or what can be translated to that and the Doctor knew something was wrong. Lucky for Clara.

He is all about the wearable tech now......yep...
He is all about the wearable tech now……yep…

Then we found out no more screwdrivers. Shades are the new Screwdriver. Then remember when they blew up the Tardis. Oh yeah it just went to little pieces. Really…sigh I just had to turn a blind eye to that. All is well and it seem as Missy was running away she found some new Dalek friends. I know one thing for sure my Doctor Who buddy “Vanessa” probably will watch this and still hate this episode.

This episode was “OK”. Nothing really stood out. I know what the theme is now. What is it that the doctor regret. It seem he has some nasty secrets that he feel ashamed about. The convo between him and Davros shed some light to that. Why did he leave Gallifrey? An interesting question but for now we have to wait and see how it pans out. Till then stay frosty!

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