One Piece 711 Review

Lawdy been a hot minute since I wrote a One Piece review. Not that I don’t like the show but it got me in a tight bind. I feel like I handing Naruto. But to be honest I have to do that sometimes. Naruto been acting stush. Right now things real hot in this episode!

Luffy hit

Bellamy still fighting Luffy. These man both have resolves that won’t bend for nothing. Luffy refuse to fight the man and Bellamy mean he gonna fight Luffy even though he know he shouldn’t. Talk bout a back and forth. Watching Luffy eating them licks was painful enough. But we know Luffy stubborn. Once he say something he don’t go back on his word for nothing. I respect him for that.

vlcsnap-2015-09-28-01h20m45s816 vlcsnap-2015-09-28-01h20m48s966

Zorro and Pica. This fight dragging out long. My son heard his voice and thought Spongebob was fighting Zorro. I won’t lie dude voice is annoying. I can only imagine how frustrated Zorro must be dealing with this dude. I done know when the opportunity arise he ain’t extending no mercy. That I will love to see.

vlcsnap-2015-09-28-01h38m04s839 vlcsnap-2015-09-28-01h45m04s480

Then we have Law, Don Flamingo and Trebol. Law done lose an arm. Eating licks can’t done. I don’t know what he have planned but he better do something quick. He gonna end up dead if he don’t do something fast.


Everyone is having to duke it out on each level. I can see that most of these fights are just gonna just keep getting even more intense. Especially for the fighters that still have a trump card under dem sleeve. One Piece is that kind of anime that always got you thinking something will happen…or not. Why I say that cause many times when you think they will win the battle they lose. Yep and when they come back they return strapped and ready. So I am always at the edge of my seat…The next episode with Cavendish seem to be one of those episodes to check out. Dude got that Jekyll and Mr. Hyde vibe going on!

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