Since I got my iPhone I rarely saw it as a handheld gaming device. Maybe I was one of those people who didn’t like the whole touch screen control idea. Call me old school. That all changed when I got this little puppy!

mad_catz_mcb3226200c2_04_1_micro_c_t_r_l_r_mobile_gamepad_1105399Everything changed after this. I was no longer bound by the touch screen demon. I was back in my comfort zone.

So iNDS released a Nintendo DS emulater for iOS 9. First thing you will need to be jailbroken. If you are jailbroken proceed to step two. Go to this site on your iPhone williamlcobb and click on the link that says “GET IT FROM CYDIA”

Screen Shot 2016-01-11 at 11.49.45 PM

Screen Shot 2016-01-11 at 11.54.01 PMScreen Shot 2016-01-11 at 11.54.17 PM

Now after you installed iNDS from Cydia press the Home button and on your home screen you should see the icon there waiting for you.


Hold up! I know what you are thinking…..what about the roms? Well legally I can’t tell you where to find those. But I can tell you how the emulator works. Also how it handles on my iPhone 6. First thing I did after I found the rom online which I downloaded directly from my phone and not my Mac.


I went straight to this nifty app called iFile. Yes if you ever jailbroke your phone this is a must have app. Once you open this app the first place you would want to go is the location of the roms. For me it is in my download folder.

iNDS path

Then after finding the file I unzipped it. I took that file and this is what no one ever tells you. I put the file in /var/mobile/Documents/iNDS.

Path 2

So after getting that out of the way lets finally PLAY!!! So ho did it run and what is the drawbacks? Well first thing off the bat my controller worked!! To a point…….

Mario DSOfficially MFI controller isn’t supported but once I fired up the Mario game it worked. The virtual D-Pad left the screen and left me with just the game. Here is the annoying part. Even though the screen rotation goes vertical it just gets smaller. I mean it makes sense. We are emulating the Nintendo DS. So keeping it horizontal is best. Maybe in the next set of patches will fix that. As is some games work really well while some sound is out of sync. Haven’t tested Pokemon as yet. Call of Duty doesn’t work with the controller. Go figure…. Nonetheless this is a great addition. Seeing how most of the games I was in love with are slowly becoming available to me on iOS. It is hard to say this but with a controller my phone has become my go to Handheld gaming device.