Batman Bad Blood Spoiler Free Review

DC starting this year right! Hot off the press is another epic Batman animated masterpiece. Following close to the previous animated film Batman vs Robin things pick up along that time frame. If you haven’t seen that yet well hurry and watch it. Now watching this won’t mean you will be losing out in the main plot of things but it does add to the story line.

Damian Just chilling.....
Damian Just chilling…..

The story here is all about family. What have grown to be a one man show has turned out to be something much more. Batman is either missing or dead. We don’t know and it brings his band of misfits to the calling. We all know that if the Batman isn’t present who would take over the cowl.

The original Robin.... Dick Grayson aka Nightwing aka Everyone loves Dick!
The original Robin…. Dick Grayson aka Nightwing aka Everyone loves Dick!
Well look at that. Starfire calling up Dick... Yep....
Well look at that. Starfire hooking up with Dick… Yep….

Fans will be good to know that the whole family will be making a grand entrance this episode. We all know Batman like pick up strays but this time around it was totally a family affair. The villains are here and they ain’t playing. Shoot even the comic book nerds would totally geek over one of them. Here is a clue…..Batman Incorporated 8….

Tons of action and a few laughs. I would say this isn’t the best Batman Animated film but this was a great addition. If I was to rate this out of five stars I would say 4 out of 5. DC animated films have kept the bar raised and never dropped it. With the Live action films on the horizon many are doubting if they will be better than Marvel power house movies. I say give them a chance. If the animated series showed me is that they are true to the source material and are willing to bend it just a bit to please the masses.

Call me Batwing...
Call me Batwing…
Damian Wayne aka Robin.....dude is a real comic..
Damian Wayne aka Robin…..dude is a real comic..

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