No Doctor Who till 2017!

Fellow Whovians. I know much of us have heard the news. Steve Moffat is stepping down as the lead writer for the long running show Doctor who. Some are sad by the news. Well for me I am like ONLY NOW! Dude was running out of steam. I mean yes I know he did a great job with Matt Smith aka The Eleventh Doctor. Things was looking good. Then The Twelfth Doctor Peter Capadli happened. Now don’t hate me when I say this. I do not like the twelfth doctor. Steve make this man seem clueless. Great actor but horrible writing.

Good Bye Steve Moffatt...
Good Bye Steve Moffatt…

I was so glad when they got rid of Clara Oswald. Literally hugged my mac when she died. Then they brought her back. Like what the frak?!!? Anyway Steve is stepping down and BBC have announced that Chris Chibnall will be taking the helm.

Hello Chris Chibnall
Hello Chris Chibnall

Now from checking google he seem to know his stuff. Do I trust him. Nope. But hey I best give him a chance. Cause when Matt Smith stepped on the scene I didn’t like him to much. He grew on me. Like bad breath I got use to it.

Goodbye Peter Capadli
Goodbye Peter Capadli

So what does that mean for Doctor Who right now. Well don’t look for it in 2016. That is right. Doctor who won’t be back until spring of 2017. No I didn’t type that wrong. One whole year and some change. These man saw declining views since Peter became the new Doctor. The big wigs at BBC knew they had to change things up and fast. So what is the best way to fix a dead show. Fire everyone and start fresh. Which brings me to the good news. Peter won’t be coming back! Woot!! Ok he will be back to finish up his run but a new Doctor will be in! They say Moffat will be leaving with a bang. I highly doubt it. Dude said the last time with Peter. I still waiting. Shoot even the christmas special was a snooze fest. River Song as usual did an awesome job.

So start watching all those Doctor Who episodes from beginning to end. Maybe if you have time you could even watch Torchwood all over again. That was a good spinoff show. Good times. If you are on Netflix better start binge watching. As of Feb. 1st Netflix will pull all Doctor Who episodes. Yep. Kick a man while he is down. Either way we will be reunited next year with hopefully a better Doctor Who adventure!


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