Iron Banner Returns!!! 1/27/16

Destiny players! Rejoice for the Banner is back! Now I know you thought jumping in it was gonna be Capture the Zone but BAZINGA! Rift in ya body! That is right! Rift Mode!

I won’t lie I hate Rift. But I ain’t never backing down from the BANNER! This is where the boys get separated from the men. In some cases the girls from the women! Rift is basically taking the spark that will spawn somewhere on the map. Then taking that spark to the enemy side. You protect the runner while others defend. Seem easy. Nope! Imagine getting in on a team of noobs who don’t know what to do but shoot and kill.

So what goodies can we expect?

New Iron Banner Gear Reward Breakdown:

Available from Lord Saladin:

  • Rank 3: Class Item, PlayStation Class Item
  • Rank 4: Chest Piece, Scout Rifle
  • Rank 5: Fusion Rifle

Available as post-game drops:

  • Rank 2: Boots
  • Rank 3: Chest Piece, PlayStation Helmet, Scout Rifle
  • Rank 4: Fusion Rifle

In other Destiny news, Bungie has announced that a new matchmaking update will go live January 27. This patch aims to reduce lag, among other things.

Exclusive Playstation 4 gear
Exclusive Playstation 4 gear
The Iron Banner Fusion Rifle
The Iron Banner Fusion Rifle
The Iron Banner Scout Rifle
The Iron Banner Scout Rifle


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