Zelda: Twilight Princess HD Amiibo Info

Ah yes Zelda! One of my favorite Nintendo games. For those wanting to see Link updated in HD will get a treat in March 4th on the Wii U. They showed off the Amiibos for Zelda and many was wondering how useful it will be for the actual game. Well recently a trailer was revealed that explained how these Amiibos would work.

As you can see this can be very useful while playing. I know breaking pots for hearts will be a thing of the past! I especially liked the princess amiibo that gives you hearts. Now the questions stands…. is this cheating? I mean it might be timed so you can’t keep using it but still it is like having a cheat code on speed dial.

zelda amiibo

At Bestbuy they go for $79 a pop. Yeah that price right there pretty steep. Real talk I probably would wait for someone to buy it and try it out. Although having the Amiibo does add replay-ability. Either way Nintendo is brining back a classic with a new coat of paint and everyone loves Zelda…. Oh not to forget that the Amiibo can be used for the new Zelda game that would be coming out soon. I am not a fan of the Cel Shaded graphics but we all know graphics is just part of the game. It is the story and mechanics that keeps us playing.

Psssst.... Link me a tell you Zelda ah hand you big man...
Psssst…. Link me a tell you Zelda ah hand you big man… me nah trust her….


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