That is right! After a long hype Me and the International Badman stayed up till after 1:00 am to play the heavily anticipated game The Division. I won’t lie everything started off fine until…

error Division

WHY!!!!!??? I mean I ain’t saying the game is crap. Far from it! As we started the game it looked gorgeous! Created my character no problem.

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Nothing fancy….but did some side missions with no problems. While playing the main mission Blake told me that the game kept saying I was offline and made him the leader when I am sure I didn’t even do that. As soon as we finished the first main mission and was going to the next level we got the black screen. The error kept popping up. While some of my other friends was playing Blake and I couldn’t get online. Thank you Ubisoft. Thank you for messing up this game for me. I had no problems with the beta. Literally smooth sailing. No error code nothing. YOU LITERALLY HAD BETAS TO GET THIS RIGHT. Will this be the Destiny killer? Well right now I can’t play the blasted game because it won’t let me play. Sad. Just sad. Well it is 2 AM. Will check this game later.